The In-Browser Experience Just Leveled Up: Indie Games From PAX East

When it comes to Indie games, Indie Games Day knows that PAX East sets the trends and everyone just follows them. They have the knack for delivering top-notch games year after year and just keep getting better.

What's great about them is not only their amazing game play but also the ability to play indie games from PAX East in your browser.

A Hat in Time

Whimsical name aside, this game delivers some awesome 3D graphics. Developed for PC, PAX East seems to be paying homage to The Legend of Zelda. Made by Gears for Breakfast; A Hat in Time was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and delivers a variety of levels.


We love the aura of mystery that surrounds this puzzle game by Phosfiend systems. You find yourselves wading through alleys of neon completely devoid of sound but faced with music based puzzles. Solve the puzzles and listen to the awesome beats that you have laid down. This is a game that challenges all your senses and is one to definitely watch out for in our list of ultimate time wasting games .


This one is here solely because of its absolutely gorgeous look and amazing music. Super Giant Games that developed the game for PC and PS4 have really surpassed all expectations to bring us a game that also offers some great game play. You are Red, the protagonist who can move freely across space and time, freeze it, and kick some butt. This is definitely the indie game from PAX East to play in your browser.