The All-Time Best Indie Games On The Internet

Gaming powerhouses and companies aside, sometimes the real gamer fodder comes straight from the people themselves. Indie developers have a knack for understanding just what the gamers want and they deliver it with style.

Regardless of the bells and whistles delivered by game developing companies, the Indie game developers refuse to die. This is why Indie Games Day brings you some of the all-time best indie games on the internet.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is one for the books. Not hesitating to give you the chills right from the beginning, amnesia starts off with you, Daniel, waking up in a daze in not the most comfortable of places (the floor). Although what happens next will seem rather clich├ęd, we have to love the game for its unique quirks that make use of physics and atmospheric controls to provide you with a true to life experience making you feel like you've really lost your memory as you try to survive.


Of course this one was going to be on the list of all time best indie games and we are not the kind of people to let you down. Selling over four million copies, Minecraft has managed to gather quite a lot of popularity. Start building bit by bit and go crazy with your creations. The best we were able to do was something resembling a Lego tower.


It was a difficult choice between Candy Crush and this all-time classic, but mario our favorite plumber is back with a unique twist. An extremely amusing mash-up of Super Mario Bros. and Portal, this game is one for the masses. (As if the pipes weren't a good enough mode of transportation). While this game does borrow from two of the biggest gaming franchises, it brings a lot to the table with its amazing game play. This one surely is one of the best indie games ever.

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