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The Best Indie Games

While the big wigs on the internet are always able to bring us some of the best rated indie games we've seen, every once in a while an independent developer gives us a little gift that we just can't resist.

This is the age of the independent developer and more and more people are showing off their talent through the best rated indie games. There are so many best rated indie games available on the market today that we just didn't know which ones to choose. Nevertheless, we managed to send a few to the guillotine and were able to bring you some of the best rated indie games on the internet.

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Don't Starve

As one of the best rated indie games, this delightfully morose indie game can also be credited for its stunning hand-drawn aesthetics. But that doesn't mean they skimped out on gameplay. This survivalist game challenges you to stay alive without freezing, burning to starve to death. You may even find yourself in danger of being eaten by monsters or simply going insane.

I Saw Her Standing There

This romantic stick game isn't only amusing, it's also incredibly smart which is why it's a best rated indie games. It's like the classic love story; boy sees girl, girl sees boy, boy falls in love, girl turns into a zombie. Protect your undead girlfriend in one of this year's best rated indie games by caging her so she's safe from other zombies. Don't forget to save yourself too; your brains are in danger! This spin on the classic stick figure game is one of the best rated indie games we've seen so far.

Gone Home

A finalist in the Independent Games Festival, Gone Home is perfect for those looking for the best. An incredibly cool take on the typical mystery point and click games, the moving story features a girl who returns home only to find it completely abandoned. Go through clues and unravel the mystery to find out just what happened to her family. The beautiful artwork is an added bonus.

I Don't Even Know

If you're a lolspeak connoisseur looking for the best then this game is perfect for you, this absolutely befuddling game is beyond explanation. If lolspeak gives you headaches then you better stay far far away. We haven't been able to find a more aptly named game. Being one of the best games today, it definitely is worth a shot!

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It is really worth-while checking out some of the games featured on our website, which included a selection of all-time best games. These have stood the test of time and continue to provide players with hours of fun, no matter your age. We'll continue to update our selection to ensure that we're giving our visitors only the best.