Best Indie Game Sites: Revel in Epic New Indie Games

When all is said and done, Mainstream games made by renowned publishers and gargantuan game developing companies have all become too common today that many people crave for something different - something that can be considered a breath of fresh air. This is exactly what has brought many people to the best indie games category, which refers to games that are made with minimal amount of budget and the smallest teams possible for game development. In fact, there are even masterpiece games in this category that's made by a single individual, which will surely impress anyone, even the pickiest game enthusiast.

There are simply numerous game developers out there just waiting for their big break and for them to become more renowned, they release their games as indie games, which has also become an enormous market that's on-par with mainstream games today. However, the numerous indie games today has also made it more difficult for one to find gems among the sea of options today. More often than not, sites end up only showcasing indie games that are close to becoming mainstream already, which covers other indie games into the dust. Here are some points to look for when searching for the best indie game sites.

How To Pick An Indie Game Website

Free Game Download

There's no doubt that there are more people out there who'd opt for free games rather than paid ones. The reality of life is just that - not anyone could simply afford to spend fortune just for games. Still, you need not be disappointed as you could certainly enjoy top and engaging indie video games today for free. Just make sure that when picking an indie game website, it should be advertising itself as a free game download site, so you can guarantee that you'll have a great time scouring for games that you could actually download and play without feeling the least bit guilty about it.


Aside from free game download sites for indie games, you should also make sure that they provide a wide array of indie game reviews for you to read and learn more about the Best New Indie Games today. Reviews will give you the best perspective possible when it comes to games ad it would surely be to your greatest advantage if the reviews of the site you'll visit, comes with great comprehensiveness and preciseness as well. Take time reading about reviews provided on the site, confirm facts and see if the reviews are as helpful as you thought they'll be. Indie Game reviews will surely allow you to pick the right game that will be worthy of your time.

Online Casino Sites

If you actually want to play games for free, you could also go to online casino sites. As the name suggests, these sites focus on casino games and you'll most definitely see Microgaming slots from some sites out there. What's more enticing about this idea is the fact that you'll even stand the chance to bite into a lucrative experience, which could help you land incredible fortune beyond your belief. Of course, you should be extra careful as you traverse the market for the right online casino sites to make sure that you'll be able to place your bets and your money on trustworthy sites that would give you a guaranteed chance of winning in a fair and secure environment.

Best New Indie Games

Without a doubt, the quality of the site all hinges as to whether they could really render you top information regarding the best new indie games today. They should be a site with a rich community of avid indie game developers and enthusiasts, so you can rest assured that they'll have the latest and the best new indie games with superb indie game reviews.

Bonus: Best New Indie Games You Should Try

When it comes to new indie games today, Cuphead is certainly one that you should play right away. With its classic yet mind-blowing graphics and action-packed environment, it is guaranteed that you'll end up more than satisfied playing this game.

Other than Cuphead, there are also other highly impressive titles that you should watch out for. This includes the sequels to the Divinity Series like the Divinity: Original Sin 2, Celeste, the impressive world of Subnautica, Cogmind, Rakuen, Rain World, Frost Punk and beyond.

The Indie game market is certainly more abundant than any other gaming categories out there. They may be made by small group of developers but, there's little to no doubt that their features, graphics, narrative, gameplay and other aspects, are things that any game enthusiasts would surely welcome with open arms to their game collections.